Activities at QuartzFest

QuartzFest offers something for everyone! With more than 100 ham radio classes and hands-on programs and its unique desert setting, warm climate and regional attractions QuartzFest offers much more for the entire family!
The QuartzFest 2017 seminar and activity schedule is online and we want to hear from you. Have an idea to make it better let us know. See the Schedule


Ham Radio Activities

The educational classes at QuartzFest offer something for everyone including those new to ham radio or even the most seasoned veteran.

They give participants the chance to put hands-on the latest technology, learn ham radio for the first time, study advanced radio theory and to even take a glimpse into the future of radio science.

Some typical classes include:

Family Fun

Quartzfest is a "must-see" activity for anyone in ham radio but its unique desert setting, warm climate and regional attractions offer much more for the entire family:

Some typical activities include:

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Local Attractions

QuartzFest is a camping event but is surrounded by many natural wonders and international events occuring at the same time.

Below are just a few of the unique regional attractions in the area during QuartzFest..