The Annual QuartzFest Hootenanny

Bring your instruments, singing voice and the whole family for the annual QuartzFest Hootenanny! Below is a song list and sheet music to view or download. For questions contact Russ (KB6YAF), our Hootenanny organizer at

Song List and Music

Join the QuartzFest Hootenanny!

The following song lyrics and chords are identified as either EASY, MODERATE, or DIFFICULT. Each file is a .pdf which can be opened by most word processors, or a program such as “Adobe Acrobat Reader” which can be downloaded free of charge. Once you view the file, you can print out those songs which interest you. These songs may be performed at the Quartzfest “Hootenanny” on Thursday, after dinner. If you feel comfortable, please bring your musical instrument and play along. We will also be using some of these songs during the free
guitar lessons and jam session. (please check the schedule). Once you have printed out the
song sheets, you might want to keep them together in a binder. One way to keep them safe from
the desert winds is to put them inside a plastic sleeve. Those are available at most big box stores
such as Office Depot. If you are an iPad or tablet user, save the .pdf file, and import it into the
tablet so you will have no paper to deal with!! View the Hootenanny Song List and download the music from the list on the left.  We are looking foward to a night of music and fun for everyone at QuartzFest this year!