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QuartzFest, now celebrating its 19th anniversary, is an ARRL Specialty Convention being held January 22 to 28, 2017 near Quartzsite, Arizona in the United States. It is a week-long ham radio, camping, learning and living event.
No other hamfest in the world brings together in one gathering so much innovation in mobile antenna systems, mobile ham shacks, recreational vehicles, portable and mobile EMCOMM systems, off-the-grid living, alternative energy and radio education.



QuartzFest is special in part because it comes to life each year, rising from nothing in a remote area of the Sonoran desert in the southwestern USA. Hundreds of Hams and their families and friends choose to unplug from their daily lives, travel to and setup this desert community, and immerse themselves in this week-long one-of-a-kind ham radio, camping, learning and living event.
The educational classes at QuartzFest offer something for everyone including those new to ham radio or even the most seasoned veteran. They give participants the chance to put hands-on the latest technology, learn ham radio for the first time, study advanced radio theory and to even take a glimpse into the future of radio science. The learning also continues well-beyond the technical lectures all the way from morning coffee... through social events, music, arts and crafts classes during the day... and into the evening while sitting around the campfire or while star-gazing.
We hope you will decide to join us in 2016 which promises to be one of the most exciting editions of this very unique and special ham radio gathering. 73,

The QuartzFest Planning Committee


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