Preparing for QuartzFest

First time at QuartzFest? Well here are some tips about the weather and what to bring to help you prepare for the bet experience possible!

My QuartzFest Packing List

The Weather - What to Expect

January and the winter months are a great time to be at our QuartzFest location in the Sonoran Desert. Days are typically sunny and clear with high temperatures in the 70's, perfect for shorts and tee shirts. Temperatures at night may drop into the 40's making it perfect to sit around the campfire, stargaze, enjoy a warm drink, and share time with friends.

QuartzFest WeatherThe desert sun in the winter is great but please remember to bring a hat and sunscreen. Tee-shirts or a long sleeve shirt are typically all that is needed to be comfortable in the day programs. With night temperature dipping down into the 40's and 50's it is a good idea to bring a heavy coat and maybe a lap blanket if you will be enjoying some of the many "after-dark" activites at QuartzFest. While it doesn't rain a lot in the Sonoran Desert it is possible to have a day with occassional rain, so brining some rain gear just in case,is always a good idea.


What to Bring - "Some QuartzFest Essentials"

- Shorts & tee shirts for the day and a heavier coat and lap-blanket for the evening
- Flashlights for walking safely at night
- Hats & sunscreen for the warm sunny days

- Rain gear - "just in case"
- Shoes or boots, flip-flops can be challenging with the desert sand and rocks
- Comfortable folding chairs to used at each seminar or around the campfires at night

- Musical instruments and your singing voices for the QuartzFest Hootenanny (you can find the music here)
- If you can, 5-10 logs for the community fire pit. Firewood is not readily available in the desert and it's easier if we all pitch in a little.
- Bring your old or new ham radio kits for the "2017 "Kit-In-A-Can" Contest. Click here to learn more.

- Two (2) nights will be group pot-lucks and a lot of fun but otherwise please bring your own food and water.
- Solar Panels - QuartzFest is a solar panel lover's dream with systems everywher and a great chance to learn from each other.
- Medications. There is a pharmacy in the nearby town of Quartzsite but it is somewhat limited.

- Have old pictures of QuartzFest.. bring them to share and bring your cameras to help us capture images of QuartzFest and to participate in the QuartzFest 2019 Photo Contest! We need your help to collect some great photos for our 20th Anniversary Video!
- Telescopes and binoculars for stargazing or wildlife spotting.
- Bring your Questions and toughest radio problems for our new "Ask The Experts" session.

- Bring any interesting accomplishments for our new "You Are The Experts" session to share with others.
- Of course you can never have enough radio gear, so bring it along! And don't forget, our famous SWAP meet is a great place to get rid of some of your old gear and find some great additions to your ham shack too.
- And of course, some good stories for around the campfire are always appreciated!


The QuartzFest Planning Committee

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